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Why you need a will

It’s important to make sure that after you die, your assets and possessions (known as your estate) will go to the people and organisations (known as your beneficiaries) you choose, such as family members and charities you want to support. Your estate includes your personal possessions, as well as assets such as: property (in the UK or overseas) savings and…

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Moving in together: getting a cohabitation agreement  A cohabitation agreement is a legal document between unmarried couples who are living together. It sets out arrangements for finances, property and children while you’re living together and if you split up, become ill or die.  You can make an agreement at any time. It’s good to do it before you move in…

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How are EAT proceedings affected by the outbreak?

On 26 March 2020, the President of the EAT announced that the EAT would not be in a position to hold any hearings in the immediate short term and that it would be operationally severely restricted for the time-being. Until further notice, the following will apply: • All types of hearings in the EAT, whether in London or Edinburgh, which…

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Fifa looks to extend footballers’ contracts in coronavirus shutdown

Fifa is drawing up plans to extend player contracts until the end of delayed domestic seasons and shift transfer window dates, as global football responds to the coronavirus shutdown. The sport’s international governing body is looking at how to restructure the contracts of thousands of players and coaches worldwide. It has also recommended that transfer windows — when players can…

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7 ways to cut staff costs during the coronavirus crisis

‘The vast majority are looking to cut staff costs in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic’ Cashflow is a major concern for small businesses during the coronavirus crisis. The vast majority are looking to cut staff costs in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic, and indeed prosper once normality is restored. But what if you have a talented workforce who…

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Citizenship by investment has been a concept that has operated for over 30 years after initially being introduced by St Kitts and Nevis, the luxury Caribbean island that in return for investment into its economy, offered a passport granting the right to visa-free entry into 132 countries. Overtime this concept has proved popular and today at least 20 countries offer…

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A Power of Attorney is a legal document giving one person (called the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact) the power to act for another person (the Principal). The Agent can have either broad legal authority or limited authority to make legal decisions about the principal’s property, finances or medical care. The Power of Attorney is frequently used in the event of a…

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I understand the emotional distress that can be caused to our clients during the divorce process. I am on hand to sensitively guide individuals through the administrative process required to attain the final decree of divorce: the decree absolute. I work hand in hand with individuals to agree a settlement that best suits the family through alternative dispute resolution.

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I work closely with FA and FSS Licensed Players’ Agencies representing English and Foreign players as well as representing clubs around the world. I offer services including player and club representation. I believe in looking after my clients’ interests at all times. This includes contract negotiation and re-negotiation, day to day contact with players and their families, career advice and seeking…

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I can help organisations flourish by providing a dynamic response to your business needs. This unique practice area enables companies to receive a dedicated and bespoke legal support. I can work from our clients’ offices on certain pre-determined days and be available to assist on an ad hoc basis during the rest of the time. I get to know my…

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